Why Is Mobile SEO Important?

Mobile SEO

What Is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO Importance

  • Improves loading time: Optimizing your website for mobile also means improving site speed, as a website should ideally load in one or two seconds.
  • Enhances user experience: Would you stay on a page that is difficult to navigate? Probably not. By investing in mobile SEO, you are not only improving the experience of your visitors who access your website on mobile or tablets, but also reducing the website’s bounce rate.
  • Increases mobile conversions: The chances of your visitors conducting desired actions such as filling out forms or clicking on the phone number increase if they can easily access and navigate your website.
  • Costs less than developing an app: Thanks to mobile SEO, you can reach a wider audience and join the mobile market without spending money on developing an app.

Mobile SEO Strategy

1. Implement Responsive Design

2. Reduce Your Website’s Load Time

3. Create a Positive User Experience

  • Use mobile-friendly pop-ups: While on a desktop pop-ups may only help with catching your visitors’ attention, on mobile devices they can create problems. From taking up the entire screen to not being able to close, there are many factors that you should be taking into consideration. Bottom line? Use them smartly and sparingly and, most importantly, make them easy to close so that your visitors don’t get frustrated.
  • Take into consideration the screen you are writing for: When writing for the small screen, you should be mindful of your sentences and paragraphs’ length. Similarly, the font should adjust and be smaller for mobile devices.
  • Implement easily identifiable CTA’s: Call-to-action buttons are the buttons that your visitors should click to perform desired actions. So, naturally, they should stand out.
  • Add an accessible navigation bar: How are your visitors supposed to navigate your website if the navigation bar isn’t easy to use? For mobile devices, the best navigation option is the hamburger menu.

The Time to Start Focusing on Mobile SEO Is…Now!

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